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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

New Toy: Barnett Ghost 400

Quadriplegic Bowhunting


     Okay, now we're in the middle of winter and cabin fever is starting to settle in. It is time to start looking forward to the warmer weather that's coming. Up here in Canada winters are quite long and in my situation I need to stay warm, so barring being able to go south for the winter it is time to work on things that are indoors. Luckily a new toy arrived the other day!
     Deer hunting season around here only runs during November, which is one of our coldest months. Often times by the end of November I can't get outside very much (us quadriplegics are cold-blooded ) so I try to get most of my deer hunting in the beginning of November. If you are a bow-hunter you can start hunting big game in the first week of September while it's still warm outside. So my goal by this fall is to be shooting very well with the crossbow (people with disabilities can hunt with a crossbow up here ) by then, hence my new toy.

     The Barnett Ghost 400 should be able to fit the bill. It will fire a crossbow bolt at about 400 ft./s, and with the optional crank to load it, I should be able to get lots of target practise before the season starts. It only took about an hour to put it all together and mounted on my wheelchair, the next phase of it is to install the trigger pulling device that I clamp with my teeth. It appears that the crossbow will accept this adaptation very easily, so long before the winter is done I should be ready to get out and fire some bolts.

     Can't wait until spring, This is going to be fun!