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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Easy Wild Game Roast Recipe

Easy Wild Game Roast Recipe

1 medium size Elk Roast (or deer, antelope etc)

1 can of Coke (cola etc)

1/2 pkg Onion Soup Mix

3 potatoes cubed (if you want more, use more)

1 small bag of carrots, we used the little guys

1 onion chopped

     We got this simple recipe from Brian Powell (hunter-inventor extraordinaire), is very easy to do and takes almost no preparation, and the results are fantastic. Simply pour one can of Coke into your slow cooker, place the roast in it and sprinkle 1/2 package of onion soup mix over it. Then turn on the slow cooker and leave it about three hours. Toss in the cubed potatoes, a small bag of carrots, and a chopped onion. Wait about another three hours and it is done. For those of you that do not like a wild gamy taste it appears that Coke will remove this! We tried this recipe yesterday with Elk and it turned out great, it was a wonderful reminder of the hunting season that by now seems so far away.