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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Low Budget Four Wheel Drive Wheelchair

     Here is a short video that shows how we took a Quickie P 300 power wheelchair and converted it into a four-wheel-drive power wheelchair. The total cost was a little over $100. One of the problems I've always found was wanting to go outdoors more, but there were very few wilderness locations that were wheelchair accessible. Inevitably when I did find a place with fishing opportunities that was wheelchair accessible it would be very crowded with people and not so crowded with fish. This new four-wheel-drive wheelchair has opened up the world, and I'm having to rethink about the areas that are possible for me to get to. I can see now that the streams in the mountains will be accessible for fly fishing, and trails in the forests will be possible for bow hunting. In the past I have been to several beaches, but found out that my power chair would get stuck so they were inaccessible to me. Now this chair has proven that it can go through soft sand without any trouble, these areas are all going to be open to me! If you are like most people in wheelchairs and have a handyman in your back pocket, it really wasn't that difficult to build this thing and it only took my friend Garnet MacDonald about a week to do! Let me know if you want any better pictures or info on how this was built.