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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Push The Walls Back

Quadcopter Shot

Okay, it's about three degrees above absolute-zero with eight feet of ice on the lakes, 100mph winds and everywhere is uphill both ways ... you get the idea. Nah, it's not that bad ... but to a cold-blooded gimp it is a tad disheartening to look at spending 6 months indoors, longingly gazing at the lawnmower, drone, gliding cuff, rifles, fly-rod etc etc etc, and dreaming about spring.

Every so often this happens. We do the same thing over and over, frequent the same places, think the same things, even start to believe ourselves. It is worse in a Canadian winter  when we're more tempted to stay inside. The walls close in, we get stale, our creativity and zest for life go for crap. When it happens we need to make a break for it, mix it up and push the walls back. If you start to become afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone ... there's your sign ... you need to step out of your comfort zone. No use whining, do something about it! We hence have decided to make a run for the coast.

So here we are, enjoying green grass and ocean, meeting new people, listening to new ideas, I love it! We even brought the drone, it sure feels good to push the walls back when they creep in!