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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Live Like You're The Hero Of Your Book

I came across a little story I wrote a while ago, that kind of sums up my attitude that we do have some control over our destiny, here it is:

Imagine that you are writing a book.

What would the hero in your story be doing today? Would he or she be sitting around moping about their life? Would they be focused on not having enough, being done wrongly by other people, would they be down in the dumps and surrounded by other people that are? Is your hero a jerk?

Or would the hero of your story be having an exciting day? Would he spring out of bed excited for what is about to happen? Would he be planning a thrilling adventure for today? Would he fill this chapter to the brim so the reader's can't put the book down?Is your hero somebody you admire?

If you are like me, I want to make the story  a great read! I want the hero to be interesting, down to earth, wise, thinking out of the box, and surrounded by others with the same mindset! I want his life to be adventuresome, fun, full of love, exciting, and prosperous! I want my character to reach the end of his life and feel like nothing is undone , with  no regrets, no wish-I-woulda’s, a fantastic ride!

You are that character. That book is your life. You don't have to read someone else's story and wish it was you.You are writing your own story day by day, and get to choose what you write down. Is today going to be a bad day, or are you going to write it as a good day. Is today going to be a boring day, or are you going to write it as an exciting day? You might not be able to control everything, but the pen is still in your hand. You get to choose what gets written right now.