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Friday, 27 April 2012

Muskrat Calling

A week or so ago we had some warm weather days and decided to go camping. We camped near a local river and did some hiking ( or four-wheel-drive wheelchairing) and photography. It was great to get back to doing outdoors things after a long winter. We made it down to the river, and although fishing season is not open for a few weeks here we did get to observe the wildlife.

One of the things that is kind of fun to do when you are near most water with bulrushes, is to call for muskrats. Believe it or not, I read about how to call muskrats when I was in about grade 9, and I paid enough attention that class to remember how to do it. This is basically a piece of that goofy, useless knowledge that takes up the empty spaces in your head, of which I apparently have an ample supply of. To make the call, all you do is hold your lips tightly together and clench them with your teeth, and then suck air through the corner of your mouth. The high-pitched squeal is much like blowing on a piece of grass, and this is the sound that muskrats make. Using this technique you can call a muskrat that is several hundred yards away and it will come right up to you. I have been using this technique for years for entertainment, and unfortunately I used to use it when I hunted them for fur as a teenager with great success.

The following is a video that we took of me calling a muskrat while we were out camping the other day.