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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Global News: Still Soaring

We had the coolest experience this week. Last Thursday I received a call from Su-Ling Goh of Global News in Edmonton, explaining that the people in the office had been watching my YouTube videos, and could she come down and interview me on Monday morning!

Su-Ling and Mike showed up right on time, to which we immediately showed our Bashaw Class by pointing out that our welcome mat which read 'Oh Shit, Not You Again' wasn't specifically for her. She read it aloud, laughed and replied, "We'll tell the cameraman it's for him!"

"Hey Mike, they put out the welcome mat for you!" she called as Mike hauled his equipment in. Mike laughed as he read the mat, totally diffusing any apprehensions that may have been present. That's how it went, lots of joking and teasing, really low-pressure.

We set up on the back deck in the sun. My wife Terry was there helping Mike, hold a reflector, and was jokingly asked by Su-Ling if she wanted a job. We chatted on camera for a half hour or more, time flies, then Mike filmed the 'walking' scene a few times. After that we went down to my 'Man Cave' to retrieve a few photos out of the computer, then they had to rush back to the studio 1.5hrs away to edit before the 6 o'clock news.

What a great experience. Su-Ling and Mike were so personable, it was a stress-free interview, like chatting with a couple of friends. Even emails prior to airing were promptly returned with corrections made, a great group of people to work with!

Thanks Su-Ling, Mike, and the rest of the Global Team for doing such a great job!